Colostomy Bag

ALPK2 Colostomy Bag

  • The film of our Ostomy bag is made by pvc, which is soft, comfortable, and good odor-resisting and with low friction noise.
  • Intestinal gas and odor can be eliminated by the inner active carbon filter.
  • With multi-layers sealed technology, effectively avoid the risk of leakage.
  •  Different types of ostomy bag can meet different needs of stoma patients.
  •  The Ostomy Care Accessories including Anti-leakage strip, Filter, Belt, Pouch-protective powder, Ostomy measure card.
  •  Size: available 14x20cm and 15x25cm
  •  Supplied sterile in individual peelable polybag
  •  Sterile, sterilized by ethylene oxide gas

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