Cardiofax-c-Ecg 1150


  • The lightweight body of  Cardiofax C ECG-1150 guarantees stress free mobility and the compact size fit perfectly in any clinic or hospital.
  •   Cardiofax C ECG-1150 has a large 4.8 inch led screen that shows all 12 lead traces at the same time.
  •  Cardiofax C ECG-1150 saves you paper as the ECG can be checked, any interference removed and then recording started.
  • It allows the storage up to 40 ECG files in the internal memory.
  • With a 64MB SD card 3.000 ECG files can be stored. ECG data can be reviewed and managed on a Windows PC with optional ECG Viewer software.
  •  Cardiofax C ECG-1150 has a rechargeable and ecological NiMH battery that provides more than 120 minutes of measurement and recording.
  • It meets IEC60601-2-51 international standard for digital electrocardiographs specifying accuracy and digital filter performance.

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