Accu-chek Instant S Starter Pack


Product Description :

Accu -Check Instant S Meter delivers fast and accurate results. A product of  Roche Diagnostics (Accuchek) which makes it must buy product.  The device is able to provide instant clarity of the results in few seconds with a visual reassurance. Has one button navigation to get the required parameters by keeping the procedure simple, the user does not need to look through the menu.
Benefits/Salient features of Accu -Check Instant S Meter:
– Intuitive target range indicator provides visual reassurance & can be individualized to suit personal therapy goals.
– Only the required parameters including test results and user’s average (7/30/90 days) are visible on the meter.
– Proven accuracy fulfilling the requirements of the ISO 15197:2013
– Test strips available in a 10, 25, 50 vial, giving convenient choice to the user considering the therapy or budget.
– Entire data can be uploaded to the Accu-Chek Connect Online portal (USB)
– Pain-free testing with Accu-Chek Softclix lancing device
How to use:
– Insert a strip in the meter
– Apply a small blood sample anywhere along the wide, yellow edge of the strip
– Read the blood glucose result on the large display
Result indications:
The ranges mentioned with blue, green and red dots present on the right side of the glucometer gives an indication of the result as follows:
– Blue dots: Indicates that glucose values are above normal range
– Green dots: Indicates that glucose values are in normal range
– Red dots: Indicates that glucose values are below normal range

Package Contents :

  •  Accu -Check Instant S Meter (1 unit)
  •  Softclix Lancing Device (1 unit)
  •  Lancets (10 units)
  •  Test strips (10 units)
  •  Battery (1 unit)
  •  Soft Pouch (1 unit)
  •  User Manual (1 unit)
  •  Testing Guide (1 unit)
  •  Quick Start Guide (1 unit)
  •  Warranty Card (1 unit)
Features & Specifications :

Meter storage conditions: Temperature range is 25° C to +70° C (39° F to 113° F)
Memory capacity: The meter automatically stores at least 720 blood glucose results in memory, but only the last blood glucose result and 7, 30, and 90-day averages can be viewed on the meter. To view stored blood glucose results, transfer them to Accu-Chek Connect Online diabetes management.
Automatic off: 90 seconds after performing a test, 15 seconds after test strip is removed, or 5 seconds from the last test result screen.
Interfaces: USB: micro-B connector
Hematocrit range: 10 to 65 %
Measuring principle: FAD-glucose dehydrogenase (GDH)
Humidity range: 10 to 90 %
Measuring time: Less than 4 seconds
Measuring conditions: 4° C to 45° C(39° F to 113° F)
Altitude independence: 0 to 3,094 m (10,150 ft)

Additional specification:
– Sample claims: Capillary/Venous/Arterial/Neonate: Yes
– Construction: Hand-held
– Meter type: The meter is suitable for continuous operation
– Size: 77.1 x 48.6 x 15.3 mm (LWH)
– Weight: Approx.: 40 g (with batteries)
– Serial number: Unique serial number etched into meter back

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